What’s It Like to Perform a Solo Show?

Know the feeling

Sam S. Mullins: a blog about anything

It’s exactly like this:


July 21st

A prestigious Toronto-based arts festival calls you up and tells you that you’ve been selected to take part in their festival this coming January.  You graciously accept, hang up the phone and think to yourself, “Well. It’s no surprise that they’d select me for such a thing. I’m the most talented person to ever walk the earth.”

July 25th

The Festival sends you an email giving you 48 hours to come up with a title and brief synopsis for your new solo show that doesn’t yet exist in any part of your brain or universe.

July 27th

You send them something vaguely promising.

July 28th – November 1st

You 100% forget about The Festival.  The only time you mention that you’re taking part in The Festival is when you’re trying to impress cardigan-clad women with large eyewear.

November 3rd

You realize how far…

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